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The CAFE in the GARDEN


Two minutes from the hubbub of lakeside

is Pokhara’s most peaceful garden.  It is also the most beautiful. 

In this tranquil setting there is a simple but highly-rated eatery; 

and it shares this space with ANNAPURNA ACTIVITIES

There are All-Day Snacks  and a Bar with. . .

Breakfast:     08:30am–11:00am

Lunch:          12:30pm–3:00pm

Dinner:           6:30pm–9:00pm

The CAFE in the GARDEN has a small, inspired menu,

each item made from fresh ingredients. 

We have Nepali, Indian, Chinese, British and Italian selections. 

All is prepared by an exceptional chef of 20-years experience. 

One feature of note is that the chef provides a different national speciality each day.

Prices are moderate and the lush garden is a bonus.

WiFi is available. 

The Cafe is easy to find and you will receive a warm welcome.

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